Transcending sensory boundaries, the Le Rose scented candle embodies the striking visual nature of Miranda Skoczek's dynamic art. Swathes of pink and grey are reinterpreted as broad strokes of rose and thyme, softly punctuated by flecks of orange cedarwood dust.

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Available in Mini and Large sizes.

Artwork by Miranda Skoczek, entitled CY'S BLOOMS 2013

Olfactive notes: Rose, Thyme, Amber
Materials: Soy wax blend with cotton wick
Made in Sydney, Australia
Size Mini: 55g approx. 18 hours burn time
Size Large: 300g approx. 70 hours burn time.


The first burn is the most important as it sets the burn memory. When lighting for the first time, ensure it is alight long enough for an even wax pool to develop to the edge of the vessel.
To ensure an even burn and the best scent throw experience, be sure to trim the wick to 5mm before each use.

After extinguishing the flame, make sure the wick stands upright in the centre of the vessel.
Never burn a candle for longer than 2 hours, or when the wax level reaches less than 2cm from the vessel base.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from draughts, children, pets, or flammable objects like curtains.
Always ensure candles are placed on a non-flammable base while burning.